KTM 6 – Gokarna Golf Club (Camp Site)

Gokarna Golf Club image camp siteGokarna Golf Club

Item Description
Location The Gokarna Golf Club is situated about 10 km from the centre of Kathmandu.
General Description The course is clear of buildings and has an adequate water supply.  It is situated close to the Bagmati River.
GPS Coordinates Long: 85.3953 Lat: 27.7272
Area 290,061 sq.m
Special Features of Site The golf club is adjacent to a former hunting reserve which offers a limited quantity of fire wood. Adequate water is available although this is not potable.
Significant features near the site The golf course has ready access to the Bagmati River.Education.  Gokarna Ni Ma Vi, Gokarneswor Mahadev Ma Vi, Taleju Bhawani Pra Vi,
Catchment Areas Areas surrounding Boudha
Ownership Department of Forest/Gorkarna Forest Club
Security Brick wall fencing along the side of the road
Access All season road, narrow  road towards the approach